Three ideas to throw an epic Kentucky Derby party in 2024

The 2024 running of the Kentucky Derby takes place on the first Saturday of May and chances are there will be a Derby Party taking place in your town. If not, why not host your own Derby Party? The spring horse race has been taking place since 1875 and has become one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

Long-standing Kentucky Derby day or Derby Party is not only a horse race and you are not celebrating here for the wrong purposes, it’s a chronic tradition. No rules or limits so it’s time to start a perfect plan, on how to Throw a sweet Kentucky Derby party in 2024.

What is your Derby Party schedule?

At first contact with the official party suppliers, Wear a Derby hat and dress to consider be a piece of good luck, cook up special something and serve mint juleps with Kentucky bourbons. Are you ready to place your first bet, first visit expert picks and update 2024 Kentucky Derby odds.

The weekend has become a party event in Louisville Kentucky now nicknamed the “fastest Two Minutes” in sports. Now you can join in on the fun by hosting your own Kentucky Derby Party. All you need to do is include three must-have party ideas in your planning.

Derby Hat Contest

All of the ladies invited to the party must wear a hat! Traditionally, ladies were hats ranging from classic and stylish designs with a nod to history to extravagant hats designed to wear on Derby Day only! You can also have your own Deby Hat contest where the winner gets a rose. The winner of the Derby gets a blanket of roses hence the “run for the roses” nickname.

Serve Mint Juleps

The signature drink for the Kentucky Derby is the Mint Julep and no Derby Party is complete without a batch of these tasty cocktails being served. There are plenty of recipes online for you to look over, but the official version includes Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon, mint, and a sugar simple syrup. And, the Kentucky Oaks race, run the day before the Derby has its own traditional beverage called an Oaks Lily. This cocktail is vodka-based with cranberry juice and a few other ingredients.

Derby Pie

There are plenty of other things you can incorporate into your party including awarding a prize for picking the winner and a prize for picking the horse that comes in last and printing the words for the song My Old Kentucky Home so your guests can follow along when the crowd at Churchill Downs starts singing the classic tune prior to the running of the Kentucky Derby.

You can be using #kyderbyparty to follow @kyderbystream on social media for more updates on official activities.

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