How to watch Derby Kentucky 2021 live stream free online, post time, date, TV channel

The 2021 Kentucky Derby is rescheduled on Saturday 01 May 2021 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. It is the 147th edition of the competition which is presented by Woodford Reserve. This Derby, which is often referred to as the run for the roses, has become the most important horse racing competitive event in this country. It is granted as the run for the roses because of the lush blanket of 554 red roses which is given to the winner each year the competition takes place.

The tradition started way back in 1883 when a former New York Socialite Berry Well offered roses to women at the post-Derby party. This race is very popular in this country and it is regarded as the most exciting two minutes in sports. This could be because race does not long.

The horse race competition has become an annual event and it is part of the two-week-long Kentucky Derby festive. The race takes place on the first Saturday of May each year except for this year due to coronavirus outbreak worldwide and rescheduled in the first week of September.

Triple Crown

This competition is not like an ordinary race, it is a Grade 1 Stakes race and it is meant for 3-year-old thoroughbred horses. The race is the first of the three similar races taking place in the country. The three races are known as the American Triple Crown. After this race, the next of the three is Preakness Stakes and the last is the Belmont Stakes. This race is unique because unlike the other races this one has remained uninterrupted since the year 1875. For any horse to win the Triple Crown, such a horse must compete in all three races and win all three races. It is obvious from the attendance that Kentucky Derby is the most popular considering the number of fans who attend and watch the competition. This ranks first in North America.

This race is a competition involving a three-year-old thoroughbred horse. This often involves 20 horses and these fight out for the prize money that goes to the winner of the race. The race takes place on a 2.01Km dirt track.

Geldings and colts are part of the race and they are required to take a load of 57Kg and fillies 55kg while competing for that race. Gelding represents the castrated male horse taking part in the tournament while the filly is the young female horse. Colt, on the other hand, is a young male horse.

Horses have to qualify before they are allowed to take part in that competition. A horse can become part of it if it has taken part in 35 races across the world. Usually, the top horses that won in those races are selected. Each horse earns points and the topmost twenty horses with the most points are allowed to take part in that tournament. Just like the Kentucky Oats, this race is the oldest continuous of such races in any part of America. Kentucky Oats are two horse races and they take place on the same festival as part of their inaugural events.

2021 triple crown winner would be the horse that wins the three competitions. The competitions are Kentucky Derby which takes place on 2nd May at Churchill Downs. The second competition is the Preakness Stakes. This takes place in Pamlico and the date for that event is may and the date for this is May 15th, 2021. The third and the last is the Belmont Stakes. This takes place in Belmont Park and the date for that edition is Fri, Jun 4, 2021 – Sun, Jun 6, 2021. The triple crown will be that horse that wins all three races. The triple race is the most difficult for horses, and trainers. It will be difficult for a three-year-old horse to dominate others. It is not an easy thing for a horse to win all three races. For the years this competition has taken place, it is only 13 horses that we’re able to achieve that fit through history. The starting point is Kentucky and a horse must win that race before thinking of winning the remaining two-horse races. The horses and trainers must be working hard round the clock to win the triple crown.

When is the 2021 Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby 2021 runs for the first time in derby history on Saturday on May 1 due to a coronavirus pandemic.

What time does it always start?

The Kentucky Derby will always at 3 pm ET at Churchill Downs, Louisville local time. This is why in 2021 traditionally post time of the race is at 3 pm ET in Louisville.

The 2021 Kentucky Derby post time?

Kentucky Derby 2021 event is slated to take place on Sat. Sep. 5 at Churchill Downs, Louisville, and the events post time 3 pm ET P.M. ET according to the official derby website.

Kentucky Oaks 2021?

The Kentucky Oaks is a Grade I stakes race that takes place the previous day on April 30, 2021.

How many horses run in the race?

There are 20 thoroughbred horses are competing in the recent history of the Kentucky Derby race.

Exactly how much does the winner receive?

The Kentucky Derby increased the overall purse to $3 million in 2021 and the first prize share increased to more than $1,860,000.

How much Kentucky Derby ticket for 2021?

Kentucky Oaks tickets between $45-$60 and Derby day tickets price goes up to $70-$80 on Saturday, May 1.

What TV channel Kentucky Derby 2021 on, time?

Kentucky Derby 2021 will be televised live on NBC. You can stream anywhere and you can get the streaming guide. The start time for the event is 2:30-7.50 PM. ET on Saturday. The right to air that program belongs to the NBC Sports Network in the US. The broadcast is to commence from May 1 to May 3. Fans can catch all the actions or most of the action from the most exciting two sports programs which include NBC Sports online as well as other live streaming options. There are lots of apps that you can get from their respective stores to enable you to watch the event live. Several other channels will have the opportunity to stream the event but the coverage is going to be through the NBC platform.

let’s take a look at Kentucky Derby

Location: Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky
Start Time: 3 pm ET
Race type: Thoroughbred
Derby race length: 1 1/4 miles
Track: Left-handed
Weight/Jockey: Colt/Gelding 126 pounds. Filly 121 pounds
First run: 1875
Record: 1: ​59 2⁄5 secs, (Secretariat 1973)
Total Purse: $3 million
First: $1,860,000
TV coverage: NBC Sports
Live Stream:
Race duration: Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports

Kentucky Derby live on what mobile app?

NBC Sports app is fully compatible with iPhone, Android, and also tablets. Free download the NBC Sports app today, sign in, or sign up for NBC

How to watch without cable

Many people would like to watch Kentucky Derby using their cables, but there are lots of people without cables. There are also cable cutters who would not like to watch through their cables. The solution to that is that there are some media streaming options. Such options are there to fill in the gap and they can provide live streaming services right from NBC sports and show it to you live. There are several such services and you can make your choice depending on where you live and which of them you prefer to watch the 147th edition of the most glamorous horse racing event in this country. Some of the streaming channels are reviewed for you below. Most of them have apps that you have to download from their respective stores. These are some of the streaming options for those that do not want to watch through cable services.

Sling TV

This streaming channel is indeed for cable cutters. It is perhaps the cheapest option around and considered the most affordable and the most frequently used OTT streaming service in this country. Sling Television makes its services available in two different options which include the Sling Orange and the Sling Blue. You can choose from the two. The cost of the two services is not the same. Blue costs $25 while the Sling Orange costs $20 which means that it is the cheapest of the 2. However, if you like you can combine the two services and the cost would be cheaper at $40. You have the wonderful opportunity of watching different programs including those aired by NBC Sports. In all, you can get more than 75 channels. It is a great option for cable cutters and it is also the most affordable. Sling also offers free or trial stream services.


Hulu Television Live is another option available to non-cable users in this country. The services are better than most other streaming services out there. The streaming service has continued to increase in popularity as the user base continued to surge. The option is very efficient and that is because you can get all the channels you want especially the NBC Sports program and other programs. Besides the option is most convenient for most fans. They provide live services and the services are also affordable at $39.99. To ensure that you are happy with their quality product, they customize unlimited screens. The most important aspect of their services is that you have a wonderful opportunity of watching an important sports event like the Kentucky Derby, and they are going to stream live right from the venue in Louisville.

Fubo TV

If you use Fubo, you are sure of watching any interesting sports program. The platform is great when it comes to the airing of sports programs. They offer multiple sports channels from such stations as NFL, NBA, College Basketball, NASCAR as well as Golf and Rugby. The most rated programs in this country are aired by this channel. Most people that do not want to use cable will resort to this channel to watch Kentucky Live. The most interesting aspect of the station is the affordability of the services they offer. They offer the cheapest at $19.99. For first-time users, you are entitled to 7 days of free usage of their services. This is enough for you to watch Kentucky Derby without paying a dime.


This is another great option available and they are owned by the greatest telecommunication and internet providers in this country. It shows everything and you can get different kinds of programs once you subscribe to their services. Their services are also affordable and the most interesting thing about them is that they can provide more than sixty channels including the NBC Sports channel. The cost of their services is also available and they offer a week free trial service. If you do not want to watch the next Kentucky Derby using cables, then this option is one of the services you can try today.

What TV app, cost, how to get/download

There are several other television apps that you can get from the internet and which you can use to watch the next edition of Kentucky Derby 2021.

PlayStation Vue

This is one of the apps you can get from the internet and it is compatible with different operating systems. You can use this with the Vue app. A lot of people who were using the popular Sony PlayStation are now shifting to this app. You can watch it on different platforms such as Windows, Amazon Fire TV, as well as iOS and Android operating systems. The services are available in different four packages and you can compare these packages and make a choice based on what you can easily afford.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another app that you can download online and watch the next edition of Kentucky Derby. This is another popular online streaming option. It is very popular and it is more popular than most other channels out there. Apart from the Kentucky Derby, which you can watch through that channel, there are several other interesting programs you can watch through that platform. Moreover, they are not the most expensive. They can offer seven days of free viewing when you are subscribing to the service. You can watch these services through different operating systems. Moreover, you can access its services in the US.

These are the various streaming options available to you. Consider your location and reception of a service network when you are choosing any of the networks reviewed above.

How to watch using Express VPN

If you are not in any part where you have access to the streaming options, then you can resort to a VPN service. You can use this to block all forms of restrictions. Most of the online streaming services reviewed above are geo-restricted. This means that unless you reside within the areas their services cover, you would not be able to receive their signals or services. If that is the case then you need a VPN service. There are several VPN service providers in this country and the best of them is the Express VPN. They have their servers in many parts of the country and other parts of the world. With their server, you would be able to bypass those restrictions and you can watch Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby 2021 is around the corner. From May 1 the world’s attention would focus on the most glamorous horse race in the history of sports in this country. You too can become part of that event. If you are not able to make it to the venue physically, you can watch it right in your home. NBC Sports have the right to broadcast it to you anywhere you are in this country. Where you do not like to watch through cables, there are different streaming options available to you. Consider any of the options reviewed above.